Laser technology has brought the art of engraving to new standards. Our Trotec laser has  80 watts of CO2 power with a table size of 17 x 28″ and can handle parts up to 7 inches in height.

We can take your pdf, dxf and jpeg files and directly import them to the laser to manufacture vector cut parts or engraved items. The laser allows us to permanently mark stainless steel and anodized aluminum in addition to engraving of plastics and vector cutting of various types of wood, acrylic and many other items.

In addition to our laser we have a CNC rotary engraving machine for deep engraving of aluminum, brass, phenolic and plastics with dimensions up to 20 x 24″.

We manufacture tags for electronic panels, diagrams and informational schematics, directional signs, ADA compliant signs, switch covers and many more.